Sleep and we why need more of it!

  Today’s blog post is about sleep – one of the most underrated things we can adjust to hinder or help our fitness goals and fat loss. SLEEP 101 – the Bad.  Let’s be realistic – how we eat and how we exercise are probably the two biggest contributors to how we look and how […]


Sorry guys and gals – I’m going to make you have to read to get the answer 😉 The Beginning.  Let’s face it. There are more diets out there than we can even count. So which one is truly the best? Most recently a group of authors and researchers (plus a little of my own […

Why Punishments Never Work!

After some serious discussion with multiple people this week, I wanted to create a post  on the whole “punishment scenario” in fitness. I saw a trainer yesterday making his client row 100m for every gram of sugar his client ate. It just didn’t make sense so I immediately gathered

Why Fish Oil is just so freaking awesome.

Time and Time again, in the name of John Berardi, I stress that the deficiency must be fixed FIRST. One of the biggest deficiencies I see if the inherent abundance of Omega-6s and lack of Omega 3s. Recent research suggests an Omega-3 deficiency could be the underlying cause of approximately 100,000